530 Klutey Park Plaza Drive . Henderson, KY . 42420 . (270) 830-8063

      I have been at Father Bradley’s Shelter for Women and Children for several months. They have welcomed me and my children with open arms. They have helped me with a budget, a routine, and even offered several self-help classes. The staff works hard to help me and my family get a fresh start. They assist you with saving money, housing, and a job. I am very thankful for their assistance and hard work. My family is grateful for their genuine support. They care about all the residents who have come and gone through this program.
-Regina S

     Father Bradley’s Shelter for Women and Children has given me my life back. I was on the street with nowhere to go. I wanted to come back to  Henderson because it has been my hometown for 20 years. Since I have been living at the Shelter, I have maintained a job. It has helped me to be a working member of society. Without Father Bradley Shelter, I would have never made it. The staff are absolutely wonderful. They give good advice and good direction. This place helps women to set goals and achieve them, earn back my self-respect, and get me back up on my own two feet. I am grateful that I have a hot shower, a hot meal, and a warm bed when I get off work. Thank God for the Shelter.
-Wilma C.

I cannot say enough about Fr. Bradley’s Shelter for Women and Children. About five months ago, I moved to the Shelter. What a blessing it has been. Many of the women, including myself, are here because we had no place to go; many due to drugs and alcohol as well.
I have been sober for 15 months. After finishing a long-term recovery program at a different facility, God led me to this place – a place where I feel safe and secure. The Shelter has provided me with a roof over my head and food. The staff are wonderful, caring, and very supportive.
The good Lord brought me here. The Shelter has given me my life back. I have a budget. I have set short and long-term goals for myself. I have a future and a purpose in life. My spirit is back… I want to live again. The Shelter has allowed me to continue my recovery in a faith-based program. I thank God every morning and night for my sobriety and my participation in all the programs/classes the Shelter has to offer. It has been a spiritual awakening for me.
-Susie D.